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Doug Forsthoff from Adirondack Basement Systems

Title: System Design Specialist

Hometown: Selkirk, NY

Doug Forsthoff from Adirondack Basement Systems

Doug Forsthoff
ScapeWEL and Waterproofing System Design Specialist

Spouse: Beth
Children: Ricki, Ronnie, Charity
Residence - Selkirk, NY

Hometown: Leonia, NJ
Education- Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Doug is a graduate engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He worked 31 years for Western Electric and Lucent Technologies in several divisions and pioneered their fiber optic systems applications in the USA and Canada. In their Outside Plant Division, he became well acquainted with water and its effects on equipment and structures.  In his spare time he utilized his carpentry and building skills (learned from his father and uncle), to remodel barns for the Arabian horse business and home that he and his wife owned in Connecticut. In 1989 they moved to New York and purchased a home in Greene County. The house had a stone foundation and water running into and through the basement. Doug has had several investment properties with wet basement issues, so he is not a stranger to the effects that water issues cause to homeowners and the properties themselves.

Since taking an "early retirement" offer that he couldn't refuse in 2001, Doug has pursued his love of real estate, both investing and remodeling. He has worked in the home improvement field visiting and helping 1000s of homeowners over the years to solve many common issues to improve their quality of living.

Kevin Koval President of Adirondack Basement Systems saw what an asset Doug would be to the company with his positive attitude and prior work experience and brought him on board. Doug's technical approach to problem solving, his ability to thoroughly and accurately identify issues and their potential solutions and his exceptional customer service skills make him a true professional and an asset to our customers. He is a trusted and valued member of the Adirondack Basement Systems team and upholds the standards of the company.

Doug has been thoroughly trained by Adirondack Basement Systems and Basement Systems International Dealer Network to help our customers determine the best way to turn their basements into safe, secure, and healthy living and storage areas. 

Along with spending time with his family, Doug enjoys: Playing guitar, songwriting, birding, cooking, and making home improvements in and around his home and investment properties.

Doug can also be reached at:
Email address:
Cell# 518.275.5698                                                                                                                                                                                               

Call: 1-888-387-2025
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