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  • Non-destructive repairs
  • Slab raising & leveling
  • Crack repair
  • Retaining wall repairs
  • Stabilizing tilting, bowing walls
  • Repairs for settled walls

Our Foundation Supportworks Dealers Serving Oregon

761 NE Garden Valley Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97470
Authorized Foundation SupportWorks foundation repair contractor in Oregon, Washington, including Portland, Eugene, Olympia, Bend and nearby.

If you live in Oregon, you already know that one of the best things about this big, beautiful state is its wildlife and scenery.  However, when the great outdoors begins to make its way into your home, things can start to get ugly. 

Foundation cracks can begin to open up, causing very significant damage to your home.  As foundations fail, drywall can form cracks, basements can leak, windows and doors may stick, and floors will tilt.  Your home'™s value can be greatly reduced, and become extremely difficult to sell.  In time, the problem can become so severe that the entire foundation may need to be replaced.  Don'™t allow this to happen!  Call us for a free foundation repair estimate today!

The foundation and basement walls are possibly the most neglected and ignored parts of an Oregon home.  Unfortunately, a foundation can experience damaging pressure from all sides:  the home'™s weight pressing on top, expansive soils and moisture pushing from the sides, and shifting soils underneath creating vertical movement and uneven support. 

These forces can combine to create foundation issues of all types including: sinking floors, tilting chimneys, bowing foundation walls, a cracking foundation, and sagging crawl space support beams.  In some rare cases, a foundation'™s condition can degrade so much that it fails completely.  Rebuilding the foundation is rarely the answer to your problems, because a new foundation will only be replacing the failed one, and the cause of the failure will not be addressed.

Your local Oregon foundation repair contractors are trained, ready, and more than willing to help you.  Each foundation repair expert in our network is trained in the Foundation Supportworks national headquarters located in Omaha, Nebraska.  We have custom solutions for your failing foundations and sinking crawl space supports that will help you reclaim your home's structural integrity!  Our written foundation quotes and on-site consultations are FREE and come at no obligation!

Thousands of foundation problems and crawl space structural issues throughout the state of Oregon have been solved by Foundation Supportworks dealers in Albany, Bend, Coos Bay, Corvallis, Dallas, Eugene, Grants Pass, Gresham, Klamath Falls, La Pine, Medford, Oregon City, Portland, Redmond, Roseburg, Salem, and the surrounding areas.

Foundation Supportworks utilizes industry-leading foundation repair products that provide long-lasting, reliable, non-invasive, and timely foundation reinforcement and structural support. 

For example:

  • Pier systems are made with galvanized steel for an extended life and will provide 100 years of foundation stabilization!  
  • Wall anchors offer a easier, faster, and more cost-effective way to repair your foundation walls. You won't have to worry about removing landscaping as your foundation walls are rebuilt. 
  • Heavy-duty crawl jacks are an excellent way to add support to your crawl space and to level the floor above the crawlspace and repair the structure.   

We serve all over Oregon, from the shoreline areas of Coos Bay and Brookings, to the eastern areas of Redmond and Bend, all the way from Portland to Medford, and many more! As an authorized Foundation Supportworks Dealer, our foundation repair contractors form an international network that stretches across the US, Canada, and the UK! We have several dealers that work in your part of Oregon. Call us toll free today or contact us online - we're ready to help you solve your foundation issues!

Expansive soils and soils with poor load-bearing capacity can wreak havoc on a building foundation, as well as on chimneys, retaining walls, driveways, concrete patios and sidewalks. When these structural elements crack, settle and shift, a multitude of problems are likely to occur, such as water intrusion, safety hazards, cracked walls, and doors and windows that become inoperable. The Foundation SupportWorks network has the tools, materials and expertise to correct these structural problems quickly and affordably.
Customer Reviews
  • By Paula N.
    Vancouver, WA
    "Their staff was professional and got the work done quickly without getting..."

    Customer Review

    By Paula N.
    Vancouver, WA

    Their staff was professional and got the work done quickly without getting in the way. Highly recommend Terra Firma Foundation Repair.
  • By Martin
    Medford, OR
    "Our house was getting cracks in the wall and doors would not shut right..."

    Customer Review

    By Martin
    Medford, OR

    Our house was getting cracks in the wall and doors would not shut right. Wesley and his crew came out on time and worked all day till dark and came back again the next day to finish. Awesome job guys, I cant believe you got it fixed. Great job on getting things looking like you guys were never here. Thanks again. Will recommend to all.
  • By Craig
    Portland, OR
    "After several years of suffering wet carpet in the finished basement of..."

    Customer Review

    By Craig
    Portland, OR

    After several years of suffering wet carpet in the finished basement of our remodeled SE Portland home every time any water blew through, I decided to get the problem fixed.TerraFirma did an outstanding job, from the estimator who clearly explained the options, to the office staff who called to remind me about the service appointment and handled billing with no hassles, to the crew who showed up on time and got the job done on schedule. I was particularly happy with the extent the team went to the protect the finished house and furnishings as they did the work and installed the system. Really exceeded my expectations. Great job by Jon Keas and his crew. I almost look forward to the next soaker now!
  • By Daniella H.
    Portland, OR
    "Our experience with TerraFirma Foundations Systems was exceptional. Every..."

    Customer Review

    By Daniella H.
    Portland, OR

    Our experience with TerraFirma Foundations Systems was exceptional. Every one of the staff we interacted with--from the salesperson who conducted our preliminary evaluation and estimate, to the foreman and his crew--were responsive, professional, and patient with our questions and requests. Drew and his installation crew were prompt and timely in their arrival each day, creative in the solutions they offered up when we presented potential moisture/water problems, genuinely pleasant in their interactions with us, and demonstrated patience when explaining elements and details of the waterproofing system that were foreign to us. Additionally, the basement now looks great and we are looking forward to using the new space.
  • By Frank C.
    Longview, WA
    "I called many contractors to find some one to level our house a year or..."

    Customer Review

    By Frank C.
    Longview, WA

    I called many contractors to find some one to level our house a year or so ago but no one would bid on the job. They were afraid of the liability. Some contractor wanted soil engineering work done with no estimate of the cost of that work, and no assurance that the house could be leveled. I found this unacceptable, so after calling dozens of contractors I didn't like the idea but decided to just live with the problem. There was a difference in the floor height of nine inches and there was no step. A year or more later Patrick Dunn from TerraFirma called and said he had learned about our house problem from one of the contractors we had contracted and TerraFirma had a solution. TerraFirma did the job. I am extremely pleased with the work done. The workers went beyond what I expected in every way. They were friendly and polite. Answered all my many questions and work quality was superb as was cleanup each day and at job completion. There was absolutely no problems with the work done. I highly recommend TerraFirma.
  • By Alice L.
    Medford, OR
    "When as Ashland or Medford real estate client has has foundation problems..."

    Customer Review

    By Alice L.
    Medford, OR

    When as Ashland or Medford real estate client has has foundation problems I always alway call Terra Firma Foundation repair.. Their 75 year guarantee and amazing service saves the day every time !
  • By Patti C.
    Ashland, OR
    "This is a real well run business. we were impressed. thanks alot."

    Customer Review

    By Patti C.
    Ashland, OR

    This is a real well run business. we were impressed. thanks alot.
  • By Dave S.
    Medford, OR
    "Look no further for your foundation repair needs. This is the only company..."

    Customer Review

    By Dave S.
    Medford, OR

    Look no further for your foundation repair needs. This is the only company around that does exceptional work from start to finish. I'm so happy I called them. The cracks in our foundation and walls are gone and we are much happier with the stability of our home.
  • By Linda W.
    Medford, OR
    "We met with system design specialist, Ryan Thomas, May 3, 2013. Previous..."

    Customer Review

    By Linda W.
    Medford, OR

    We met with system design specialist, Ryan Thomas, May 3, 2013. Previous to this meeting, we were sent a packet of information explaining the process. That was very helpful. Ryan evaluated our foundation and recommended that 20 of their piers be installed to fix the problem. He was very professional and explained exactly what would be done. We then scheduled the work to be done the week of May 20th. The 3 man crew showed up Monday and worked, digging holes in which to place the piers. We were most impressed with their work ethic. They were all very pleasant. When the piers were all installed, they cleaned everything up and even added multibark to cover the muddy areas from the digging. We did have some major cracking in one room, but Ryan explained that we could expect that to happen. We would definitely recommend this company.
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Recent job requests for foundation repair in OR:

Project Location: Birch St, Forest Grove , OR 97116

Comment: Wood boring Beatles have damaged 4 support beams underneath the house in the crawl space. They need to be replaced.

Project Location: Ne. 27th St, Mcminnville, OR 97128

Comment: The foundation on my home has started settling. Causing cracks in interior walls. Making doors unable to be closed door ways out of level. We remodeled the main bathroom in 2010. I believe that some of the foundation problems stem from that. I will be home until the first week of the new year.

Project Location: W Ellendale Rd, Dallas, OR 97338

Comment: My shop/barn has doped 6"

Project Location: N. Holiday, Gleneden Beach, OR 97388

Comment: I have a foundation that has settles about 2 inches on the back half of the house

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