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Your Preferred Concrete & Foundation Repair Contractor serving Springfield, MO!

Foundation Supportworks, Inc. is a network of Foundation Repair Contractors across the United States and Canada that help residential and commercial property owners fix their failing foundations.

Our dealer in the Springfield, MO area brings structural integrity to building and residential foundations. You can count on Foundation Recovery Systems to find the answers to your foundation problems such as::

  • Settling foundation
  • Bowed basement walls
  • Foundation cracks
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Sagging floor joists
  • Sinking slab
  • Unsuitable foundation soil

For homeowners, commercial property owners, general contractors and engineers, Foundation Supportworks is the right foundation repair company to solve your structural support needs. Contact us today for a free foundation inspection, evaluation and repair estimate!

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Recent job requests for foundation repair in Springfield, MO:

Project Location: S. Grant Ave, Springfield, 65806

Comment: Horizontal crack in basement wall

Project Location: E Breckenridge Pl, Springfield, 65804

Comment: I believe my foundation is fine, but have a sagging wall and floor. Do you repair sagging joists?

Project Location: S Woodcliffe Dr, Springfield, 65804

Comment: I have a basement that 1/4 of is not level. Nothing to worry about but I would like to get it level. Thanks in advance

Project Location: S Scenic Ave, Springfield, 65810

Comment: The foundation is uneven from settling causing cracks in the walls that are visible inside the house

Project Location: S. Prospect Ave., Springfield, 65804

Comment: I have a property that has had previous termite damage to some of the floor joists and beams that were not appropriately repaired, resulting in a sagging floor in the middle of the home. I am interested in having the floor leveled, joists reinforced and properly supported. Thank you.

Project Location: W Brett Dr, Springfield, 65810

Comment: Interior cracks; separation at the seam where the walls meet- snapping & cracking

Project Location: N ASPEN CIRCLE, Springfield, 65803

Comment: I need a quote on foundation repair.

Project Location: W Nichols St, Springfield, 65802

Comment: Considering purchasing above property would like a foundation repair estimate.

Project Location: E. Oak Tree Lane, Springfield, 65810

Comment: Our one-story home has sagging/sticking doors and cracked drywall; we think the floor supports have sunk. We need to prevent water in crawl space and possibly add a sump pump. And we want to hook house up to sewer at street and disconnect from septic tank.

Project Location: N Williams Pl, Springfield, 65803

Comment: Cracks in drywall in several locations of the house

Project Location: E. Ryan St., Springfield, 65803

Comment: Polylevel here patio and air condition pads are settiling

Project Location: E. Primrose Lane, Springfield, 65809

Comment: I have a few interier wall cracks and a foundation vent that is buckling.

Project Location: W. Woodland, Springfield, 65807

Comment: My house is settling. I have cracks developing and my concrete has settled 6 inches or more.

Project Location: S Meadowview Ave, Springfield, 65804

Comment: I have some cracks and separations in my home that I would like inspected and a fix estimated.

Project Location: S Warwick Ave, Springfield, 65804

Comment: I would like an estimate to repair a foundation settling issue that I have on the south side of my house on the East end. Thank you, David

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