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We believe fulfilling work creates fulfilling lives.

And we want our employees to have both. Join Foundation Supportworks or any one of our independent local contractors in your area to accomplish more than you ever imagined for yourself.

Our Purpose

To redefine our industry.

Our Mission

To champion contractor success through genuine relationships and radical support.

Our Values

Humble Heart, Hungry Spirit, People Smart, One Team

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Local Opportunities

At Foundation Supportworks, we develop, manufacture and distribute products for the repair and protection of foundations and concrete. While we're leading the way with innovation, training and support, it takes an ever-growing network of 120+ independently-owned home contractors and their teams who share our passion for doing more and doing it better.

While the contractors in our network are independent and live by their own noble missions and values, we are tied together with them by a common thread - to redefine the construction industry. Redefining is all about making people's lives better. Foundation Supportworks and our network of independent contractors redefine for our employees to help them experience fulfilling work that creates more fulfilling lives. We redefine for each other by walking alongside each other, sharing best practices that create success in our businesses and enrich lives. And we redefine for our customers, ensuring we have created a remarkable experience for them every time.

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Employees across the Foundation Supportworks dealer network


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Why Join the Foundation Supportworks Network?

Benefits & Rewards

Benefits will vary by employer, whether it's Foundation Supportworks or a Foundation Supportworks local contractor.

Benefits may include*:

  • Competitive Compensation & Weekly Bonus for Construction Crew
  • Career Development Opportunities
  • Paid Training
  • Paid Time Off and Holidays
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • State-of-the-art Tools, Equipment and Software
  • Year-Round Work
  • Safe Work Environment

Paid Training

We offer comprehensive paid training from the start and all the best tools and equipment to get the job done right and in a safe manner. That means you don't have to have experience for most of our roles - we'll train you to become the expert! And it's that expertise that leaves our employees proud of their work and gives them a sense of true accomplishment every night, knowing that they offered our customers their very best.

Career Growth

In some companies, employees can feel as if they're just a means for the company to make money, amounting to nothing more than a number or cog on the corporate machine. Not at Foundation Supportworks or any of our independent local contractors. With us, you'll have the opportunity to stand out for your excellent work and be given the opportunity to grow yourself and your career. We bestow the gift of high expectations on people, but we do it with love and the belief that with enough support, anyone can accomplish what they didn't think possible before.

People First

Our collective purpose is all about people, and that starts with our employees. We want them to know that they are our most valuable asset. So, we strive to bring out the best in our employees by helping them see a better version of themselves. Because we believe that when we create an environment where employees feel fulfilled by their work, they will go home to create a happier family. And those happy families create happier neighborhoods and stronger communities.

Work You Can Be Proud Of

Our goal is nothing short of redefining the entire construction industry. We've seen what's out there - contractors who never call back, don't show up on time, neglect to clean up after themselves and refuse to stand behind their work. Sadly, many homeowners have come to believe this is acceptable. We think that's ridiculous. We believe in a world where a contractor cares deeply for and builds a long-term relationship with every customer and works hard to achieve that every day. This is truly work you can be proud of.

A Company You Can Be Proud Of

Foundation Supportworks and our network of independent local contractors are built on decades of experience in the construction industry. We are respected as experts in our field. We also strive to be pillars in our communities, regularly winning Better Business Bureau and Best Places to Work awards, paving the way for how homeowners and employees experience contractors in their communities. And you'll often find us serving our neighbors both during and beyond work hours.

Redefine with Us - Apply Today!

Foundation Supportworks and our vast network of independent local contractors are united in our goal of changing the way people think about construction companies for the better. And because of that, they are employers you would be proud to work for.

So, if you're interested in redefining the construction industry with us (and redefining yourself along the way), apply today.

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The benefits, opportunities, and details described on this page are specific to employees of Foundation Supportworks and could be typical of, but not guaranteed for, independent local contractors who purchase products from Foundation Supportworks. If you submit a resume, Foundation Supportworks will deliver that resume to the dealer(s) closest in proximity to you unless you request otherwise, but we cannot guarantee you will be contacted or considered for employment. The independent local contractors are solely responsible for employment matters at their companies, including but not limited to hiring, training, coaching, disciplining, supervising, rewarding, paying, staffing, or scheduling employees. Foundation Supportworks and Supportworks, Inc. have no control over the dealers' employment matters. Any questions related to jobs at any given contractor should be directed to that contractor.