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FSI Helical Pier Installation

Installation of the Foundation Supportworks' Helical Pier system is uniquely suited for both heavy structures and light structures, such as stoops, decks and wing walls.

Installations can be performed year-round and utilize small construction equipment or hand equipment to avoid any unnecessary disruption to your lawn and landscape.

Foundation settlement problems are typically caused by changing soil conditions around and below your home. Wetting and softening of soils, drying and shrinking of soils, and poorly compacted fill soils can cause your home to shift, sink and settle down into the earth.

Signs Of Foundation Settlement

If you've noticed one or more of these signs, there's a good chance your structure is showing damage from settlement that helical piers may be able to solve.

FSI Helical Piers

Locally-owned Foundation Supportworks dealers, can repair your foundation settlement issue by installing our warrantied helical pier system.

These piers can be mechanically advanced or "screwed" into the soil under your home, then mounted to the foundation to achieve structural stability.

Lasting solutions, transferable warranty
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No matter what's challenges your foundation presents to you, Foundation Supportworks has the answer! We specialize in permanent solutions for foundations that include a written, transferable warranty. Your local FSI dealer is standing by to help you! To meet with your local dealer for a foundation repair quote, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

What Works (And What Doesn't) For Foundation Stabilization

Some solutions add extra weight to the soil, making the problem worse. Others are unable to reach depths beyond the problem soils, leaving your home supported by the same unstable soils as before.

The only solutions that work, are those that are able to extend past troubling soils into competent load-bearing strata or bedrock so the weight of your home can be permanently stabilized and supported.

The FSI Helical Pier System

The Foundation Supportworks' Helical Pier system uses rugged steel galvanized helical piers advanced deep into the earth's soil to transfer the weight of your home onto competent, load-bearing strata or bedrock.

Four Steps To Installing The FSI Helical Pier System

  1. Excavation Of The Foundation: The soil around the foundation is excavated at each pier installation point, exposing the foundation footing.
  2. Advancement Of The Helical Pier Shaft: Next, the helical piers are mechanically screwed into the soil. The piers are carefully monitored as they are advanced deep into the soil to achieve capacity.
  3. Mounting The Foundation Bracket: Once appropriate depths and capacities are reached, a heavy-duty steel foundation bracket is connected to the helical piers and secured to your foundation's footing.
  4. Transferring The Structural Weight To The Soil: The weight of your home is then carefully transferred through the helical piers onto the competent soils below, preventing any future settlement of your home. Not only will your home's foundation be permanently stabilized, but there's also an opportunity to lift your home back to its original, level position.

We Repair Settling Structures!

The Foundation Supportworks' Helical Piers will restore your home's structural integrity against wetting and softening of soils, drying and shrinking of soils, and poorly compacted fill soils.

The Foundation Helical Piers give you the comfort of knowing your biggest investment is safe.

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