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SealantPro® for concrete restoration

Protect the Life of Your Concrete with SealantPro®

In just one clear, non-yellowing application, SealantPro permanently protects your concrete from its strongest enemies: moisture, chemical elements and seasonal changes. It penetrates deeply into pores and actually bonds with the concrete, creating a strong, permanent barrier. Unlike other concrete sealers, SealantPro's Seal of Protection™ does not wash away or weaken over time. That means your concrete is protected from pitting, flaking and cracking. With SealantPro, concrete stays smooth and stain-resistant.

SealantPro® System Advantages

One-coat application dries quickly.

Penetrates deep into pores to protect concrete from water damage.

Permanently bonds with the concrete.

Clear, non-yellowing formula.

Won't wash away or weaken over time.

Why you need it. Over time, concrete is exposed to moisture, temperature changes and chemicals that cause it to look aged and unattractive. But that's just the problem you can see! Once damage from these elements starts, the concrete degrades at an even faster rate. This is not only unsightly - it can also become a safety hazard, lead to pricy concrete repairs and reduce your home's value.

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