Our company started in a home much like yours. Greg Thrasher, a young husband and father at the time, founded a small contracting business in his hometown.

He saw an opportunity to help neighbors and friends with their home repairs, and make their lives a little better.

The boys doing a little paperwork at the office.

Greg and Dan Thrasher in Thrasher, Inc.'s first office a.k.a. the home's sunroom, where Greg's children played.


Thrasher Systems is founded

The company Greg founded - Thrasher Systems - would eventually help thousands of people with a customer-first approach to business. It would also become the launching pad for us - Supportworks. We design and manufacture the highest quality foundation support and concrete repair products in the industry, available exclusively to our dealer network across North America. Most importantly, we're on a mission to redefine the contracting industry.


Looking good. Growing Fast.

Constant focus on what's best for the customer combined with a lot of hard work turned into growth. Soon it was time for the first company vehicle - a 1974 Chevy van. A dedicated vehicle with the company logo? Thrasher thought they had really arrived! Bigger and better things were in store...


Helping customers, saving houses.

Over the next decade, Thrasher restored thousands of basements in and around the Nebraska and Iowa areas, leaving many happy homeowners and winning local and regional awards for quality work and a stellar reputation with customers. They begin to redefine the foundation repair industry.

Paving the way

Early on, Dan and Dave Thrasher were proud to follow in their dad's footsteps.


Product Innovations

Armed with products to repair bowing basement walls, Thrasher saw an opportunity to serve homeowners by repairing their settling foundations as well. Greg Thrasher assisted in the development of a piering system and began to develop a network of like-minded contractors who start to share and learn together.


From nursery to boardroom

Dave Thrasher, Greg's son, joined the family business in 2005 to help continue to build the strong network of contractors. It didn't come as much of a shock, since Dave was a company man since the days when the company office was in his childhood playroom. The years of experience and deep, hands-on understanding of the foundation support and concrete leveling industries serve Supportworks well.

True Company Man

Not many second graders beg their mom to wear a shirt advertising their dad's company on school picture day.


Supportworks is born.

We challenged the status quo because we knew we could do more and be more. A manufacturer doesn't have to just provide products. We believed customers and dealers could and should have an amazing experience. We believed more was possible.


New Warehouse

Within the first year it became apparent that the existing warehouse and office space wouldn't support the accelerated growth of the company, so Supportworks built a new warehouse and added office and training space. We knew we were onto something, but we didn't yet realize that we were beginning to redefine an industry.


History in the making

Remarkable experiences for customers. Bigger dreams for dealers. Fulfilling work and lives for employees. We understand now that we are just scratching the surface of what's possible. Every day truly is history in the making. What a ride.

The Founders

Greg Thrasher and partner Larry Janesky hold the first of many product and business development innovations to come.


Visionary club launched

Supportworks launches the Visionary Club, its first customers to join the network. We thank this founding group and honor them!


First shipment loaded

Like that first dollar sold, that first Foundation Supportworks shipment to hit the roads was a small yet monumental occasion, personally loaded on the rig by Dave Thrasher himself.


New office

Hard work, success, and excitement needs a place to be fostered and grow. We thought there was no way we'd ever need enough cubicles to fill out the space. The address of 12330 Cary Circle would be our home forever... right?


Engineering milestones and product expansion

A small addition to the Foundation Supportworks product line with a HUGE impact: PolyLevel®. Since the addition of PolyLevel, Foundation Supportworks has had a storm of new dealers and international inquirers from around the globe. Dealers and their customers are raving about the benefits of this specially-engineered product. PolyLevel has doubled in production each year since its debut and after only three years, it continues to soar in sales, as customers realize there is a better way to solve their sinking concrete.


New worldwide headquarters.

As the Supportworks network continues to grow, so does our office space. In 2016, we broke ground on a brand new, global headquarters building and settled in just two years later.


Certified Evergreen

In January 2020, Supportworks was Certified Evergreen by the Tugboat Institute, an entrepreneurial think tank dedicated to supporting Evergreen companies. This accolade signifies that they believe we have what it takes to grow and thrive for 100 years or more. For Supportworks employees, it means we have the culture, financial strength and long-term vision to weather economic storms and industry disruptions for the next century and beyond. For our dealers, it means we're in it for the long-haul, working tirelessly towards championing the lasting success of our network and our partners. Learn More

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