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Overview of Foundation Failure

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Your house, and everything in it, rests on its foundation. That is why we provide the best foundation repair products available.

Wall cracks, bowing walls, doors and windows that jam, and uneven floors might seem like small issues, but can be signs of shifting soils, settling, or even seismic activity. Foundation repair contractors in our network have the training and experience to inspect and identify the source of your structural foundation problems (even if you don't have a basement) and can develop the best repair plan.

Ignoring your home's symptoms and delaying foundation repairs can jeopardize your home's structural integrity and pose a safety risk to those within. To find the best solution at the most reasonable cost, contact our specialists for a free foundation repair estimate today!

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Does your home show signs of foundation problems?

Foundation failure appears in many ways across different areas of the home, both interior and exterior. Learn why it happened and the benefits of fixing it now. Foundation failure appears in many ways across different areas of the home, both interior and exterior. Learn why it happened and the benefits of fixing it now.

Cracked Brick

Look for stair-step cracks on exterior brick or block walls. You may notice them widening over time.

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Shearing Walls

You may notice the block wall "shearing" near the bottom because the concrete floor in the basement is holding the bottom row of blocks in place as the rest of the wall slides inward.

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Ceiling Gap

Look for a gap between the ceiling or floor and the interior walls of your home. You may also notice sloping floors, gaps around door frames, sticking doors or cracks in the wall.

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Bowing Walls

Because poured concrete walls act as a single unit rather than a group of mortared blocks, they often fail at the top instead of cracking and bowing in. The failing wall breaks free from the rest of the structure, leaning in from the top.

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Sagging Floors

Look for floors sloping, sometimes creating a gap between the floor and the interior walls of your home.

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Chimney Separation

One of the most visible and dramatic signs of foundation settlement is a chimney separating from the house. This often occurs when the chimney and home rest on separate foundations and settle at different rates.

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Cracked Stucco

As with a brick exterior, stucco can crack under stress as a home's foundation sinks in an uneven manner. Instead of simply being patched, the underlying issue needs to be addressed to prevent future problems.

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Foundation Repair 101:Why foundations fail and how to fix them

Whether your home has foundation cracks, buckling floors, or foundation settlement, identifying the cause of structural damage will lead to long-lasting repairs. No matter the foundation problem, Foundation Supportworks addresses the root of the issue and provides permanent foundation repairs customized to suit your home's needs.

What causes foundation problems?

Foundation damage results from a variety of issues, mainly problems with the soil surrounding your home. Understanding settling soils, foundation heave, expansive soils, and improper drainage is essential to diagnose your home's foundation problems. Luckily, Supportworks puts the experts in your corner.

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Why fix your foundation problems?

Ignoring foundation issues won't make the problem disappear. In fact, foundation issues worsen over time, further decreasing the value, curb appeal and safety of your property. The sooner these issues are addressed, the more economical the solution, and the less risk to you, your family, or potential buyers.

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Proven Foundation Repair Solutions

Does your home have structural damage from foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, or soil washout? Foundation Supportworks provides permanent foundation repair products for these problems and much more! We adhere to the strictest of industry standards and provide warrantied solutions proven by more than 100 structural repair contractors throughout the nation.

PowerBrace™ foundation repair system


The PowerBrace system permanently stabilizes foundation walls. Zinc-plated steel beams are custom-fit to your basement height and tightly secured against the wall with brackets that are anchored to the basement floor below and first-floor framing above.

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GeoLock® foundation repair system


GeoLock Anchors protect foundation walls from further inward movement. Heavy-duty steel earth anchors are embedded in stable soil away from your foundation wall and then connected to steel wall plates with galvanized steel rods. Once tightened, the anchors hold the wall securely in place.

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Over the decades, Foundation Supportworks has delivered patented, permanent solutions to foundation problems for thousands of homeowners and commercial customers. Installed through a network of exclusive dealers, each solution is custom-designed and backed by industry-leading warranties. Foundation repair companies in the Foundation Supportworks network provide written estimates and free, no obligation on-site inspections, as well as:

Industry-leading foundation & concrete repair services.

Award-winning, patented, proven products.

Professionally trained installers and customer service specialists.

Lifetime transferable product warranties.

Foundation & concrete problems don't get better with time, they get better with us.

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