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PolyLevel concrete lifting and leveling

Lift and Level Your Concrete with PolyLevel®

PolyLevel permanently lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete slabs with a high-density polyurethane formula. Small (pea-sized) holes are drilled into the slab, and a structural-grade polymer is injected into the void. The expanding properties of the polyurethane allow for an accurate lift and leveling of the slab.

PolyLevel® System Advantages

Lightweight formula adds virtually no weight to supporting soils.

None of the ugly patchwork effect that's common with concrete replacement.

Material will not wash out or dry out like mudjacking.

Lifts and supports heavy loads.

Environmentally friendly.

Concrete surfaces can be used within minutes.

Clean installation system minimizes disruption to slabs and property.

Why you need it. Concrete is often poured over recently backfilled soil around a home after construction. This loose soil settles over time, creating a void under the concrete. Another common occurrence is erosion of soil under the slab. As water runs down through the cracks and joints in the concrete, it washes the soil out as it passes through. These voids cause your concrete to shift and settle, creating cracked, uneven surfaces and dangerous tripping hazards.

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