EverBrace® Wall Restoration System

Solutions for Foundation Wall Failure

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Permanently Stabilize Bowed or Failing Foundation Walls with EverBrace

The EverBrace Wall Restoration System is a great choice when stone, clay block or brick foundation walls are showing signs of failure. Common signs of foundation problems include a bulging, bowing, cracked or crumbling basement wall. EverBrace is also a good foundation repair option when poured concrete or block walls have reached the point of extreme deterioration or are starting to cave in. Steel corrugated panels span between steel I-beams to strengthen the existing structure. A specialized rigid foam is injected behind the steel panels, filling voids between the existing wall and panels, transferring the load from the failing wall to the new support system. EverBrace provides you with the security of a new foundation — without the cost and disruption associated with total foundation replacement.

EverBrace System Advantages

Less installation time

Less installation time and mess compared to other foundation repair options


Components are zinc-coated to resist corrosion

Customized panels

Panels are customized to fit around windows, doors, and other obstacles

Waterproofing system integration

A foundation waterproofing system can be easily integrated into the installation

Steel trim

Steel trim covers edges and corners to create a finished look

System can be concealed

Can be concealed by drywall

Why you need it. When your home was built, the hole that was dug for the basement was backfilled with loose fill soil. Water flows into this area more easily, exerting inward pressure (referred to as hydrostatic pressure) on your foundation, especially in areas where there's freezing or expansive clay soil.  Under this additional stress, your home's foundation walls can begin to fail and move inward laterally. If you have a cracked foundation or bowed basement wall, request a Free Inspection and Estimate from the Foundation Supportworks contractor near you.

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