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Your Supportworks contractor in the Jacksonville, FL area is one of many foundation repair contractors across the United States and Canada helping solve residential and commercial building foundation issues.

Our dealer in the Jacksonville, FL area brings structural integrity to building and residential foundations. You can rely on us to find the solutions to your foundation issues, such as:

  • Settling foundation
  • Bowed basement walls
  • Foundation cracks
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Sagging floor joists
  • Ceiling gaps
  • Sinking slab
  • Unsuitable foundation soil

For homeowners, commercial property owners, general contractors and engineers, Supportworks is the trusted foundation repair company to solve your structural issues when you need them most. Contact us today for a free foundation inspection, evaluation and repair estimate!

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Recent Job Requests for Foundation & Concrete Repair in Jacksonville, FL

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32211

Comment: Concrete patio in backyard, cracked in middle, sunken on one half.

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32217

Comment: Need estimate for void fill under cracked concrete slabs and front carport area

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32205

Comment: Fill under my concrete porch has settled, and the concrete has dropped and cracked. I need a quote to install foam to relevel the porch. If you call, leave message as unknown numbers are blocked.

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32225

Comment: Need a section of driveway near detached garage lifted

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32205

Comment: I have drainage issue on a back porch that I would like help with

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32223

Comment: We have a 9x10 atrium that the previous owner enclosed and used as his office. He poured the concrete himself and covered it with laminate flooring. We are redoing the room and have taken up the flooring to find his concrete job was pretty bad. We would like to raise the atrium floor so it is level with the living room adjacent to it. The variation is about 1" as you enter the atrium. The other end of the room needs to come up around 1/4".

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32205

Comment: Improper drainage has caused erosion underneath the slab at the corner of the house by the covered carport. The slab has cracked and visibly sunk and there is a fairly substantial gap underneath the concrete next to the house.

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32225

Comment: I have a patio where two large pieces have lowered from an area. Let me know what you would need for a free estimate.

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32210

Comment: Right of slab undermined by multiple flood issue i the past

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32224

Comment: I have a sinking pool deck that needs to be raised

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32254

Comment: Shifting crawlspace

Project Location: Jacksonville, FL 32225

Comment: Need a quote, pool deck and patio needs raised. Please call after 6 pm