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Are you worried about one or more cracks in your foundation? Does your chimney seem to be separating from the rest of the house? Or is your patio, pool, deck, or concrete driveway uneven or cracked? Supportworks has your back. We are a leader in foundation and concrete repair solutions for foundation problems big and small. Your local Bend dealer offers experience, expertise and our proven solutions to help restore foundations and concrete – as well as your peace of mind!

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Structural Repair & Concrete Repair Services offered in Bend:

  • Foundation Settlement Repair
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Bowing Wall Repair
  • Sagging Floor Repair
  • Uneven Concrete Leveling
  • Concrete Crack Repair

Home Foundation & Structural Repair in Bend

Foundation problems can negatively impact the safety, appearance, and value of your home. Issues like foundation settlement, soil changes, and poor construction can cause a variety of symptoms throughout your home. If you think you may have noticed a structural problem similar to those listed below, reach out to your Bend Supportworks foundation repair professional to have them evaluate your home and recommend the best solution.

Foundation Problem Signs:

  • Cracked Brick/Stucco - Stair-step cracks in exterior foundation walls.
  • Bowing Walls - Concrete wall leaning in at the top.
  • Shearing Walls - Inward movement of the bottom of the block wall.
  • Ceiling Gaps - Space between the ceiling and the interior wall.
  • Sagging Floors - Sloping floors or gaps between the floor and the interior wall.
  • Chimney Separation - Chimney separating from the house.

What Causes Foundation Issues in Bend, OR?

Bend, like much of the area located within and adjacent to the Upper Deschutes Basin, enjoys rather balmy weather. Annual precipitation totals less than 12 inches, yearly snowfall amounts to less than 34 inches, and the area’s 158 annual days of the clear sky make it the sunniest place in the state of Oregon. Excessive moisture and temperature fluctuations are typically two of the leading causes of foundation issues, neither of which are hugely prevalent in Bend.

That said, it is often characteristics of the soil itself that may present issues for homeowners. The majority of soil around Bend is composed of sandy loam, a soil known for rapid draining. Lack of developed aggregate structures (particles responsible for the overall binding capacity of a given soil) and a coarse nature allow for water to pass through quickly, which presents both benefits and risks for foundations in Bend. While good soil drainage is important for keeping excess moisture away from your foundation, changes in soil density can cause unexpected hydrostatic pressure (the weight of water on top of itself) to accumulate between the fill-in soil around your foundation and the areas untouched when digging the root for your home’s footings.

Over time, even the strongest structures can fail. When you start to notice any of the symptoms of foundation stress mentioned above, it’s important to call in the experts. Call your local Supportworks contractors for a permanent solution to your foundation problems.

Concrete Leveling & Repair in Bend

If you’re tired of looking at that ugly, cracked driveway, walkway, or patio, your Supportworks concrete repair experts in Bend, OR can help. Residential concrete is vulnerable to many of the same factors that affect foundations. The risk of living with a cracked or unlevel walkway, concrete stairs, or a patio is one of safety. Of course, you want your exterior concrete to look good and add to the beauty of your home, but the real worry is the tripping hazard. Our Concrete Protection System helps homeowners lift, level, repair, and restore the damaged concrete around their home, alleviating any tripping risks and improving the overall look of your property.

Concrete Repair & Protection Solutions:

  • Lift and level concrete slabs
  • Seal concrete cracks and joints
  • Seal concrete surfaces to protect against pitting, flaking, and staining
  • Resurface concrete to restore its look and function

Why More Bend Homeowners Choose Us:

  • Custom-Designed Foundation & Concrete Repair Solutions
  • Exclusive Products, Proven Effective for Over a Decade
  • Financing Options Available - Check With Your Local Dealer

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Project Location: Bend, OR 97701

Comment: Level entryway

Project Location: Bend, OR 97702

Comment: Cracks and not level of patio slab and driveway from heavy snow and melt.

Project Location: Bend, OR 97701

Comment: Sinking back patio slab(3'x 9' x4")causing attached support beam for upper patio to drop.

Project Location: Bend, OR 97702

Comment: We have a couple of segments in our walkway that have sunken down and need to be brought back to level.

Project Location: Bend, OR 97701

Comment: 2 sections need lifting. 4 ft. x 20 ft. section sinking toward foundation and 4 ft x 4 ft. area.

Project Location: Bend, OR 97701

Comment: Looking to buy this house. Home inspection recommended foundation specialist check it out due to leak in basement, bumps in driveway and sloping of back porch. We are on a contract deadline for home purchase to get back with seller by 10/17/11. Is it possible to have an estimate for needed repairs/issues done asap?