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All personnel were polite and courteous. All my questions and concerns were taken care of. The job site was left neat and clean. I would absolutely recommend you to family and friends!
George G. of Bristol, TN
Dear Mr. Canova, It is with great pleasure that I sit down and write you this letter. I have written it many times in my head, but just haven't had the time to actually sit down and put the words to paper. The time sure has gone by fast since December when I found your website while trying to educate myself on home foundations. I knew from the moment I read and studied the information contained on your site that if I was going to have work done on my house, your company was the most educated, professional and resourceful company to do business with. Of course, after I read the review from Peggy Adams of Jonesborough, I definitely was going to ask for Bill, Wade and Joe! I contacted your company and was delighted to speak with Brenda. I could not have spoken to someone more pleasant, understanding and resourceful. She placed me in contact with Rob who came out immediately to inspect and evaluate my home's basement and foundation. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He did not waiver and showed complete trust and confidence in not only the company, but the products used and probably most importantly, the work crew that would be completing the project. Since I am placing my home for sale, it was imperative that I, also, have complete confidence in the foundation repair so that the new owners would be purchasing a home literally be "Better than new". Of course, when the time came for the project to get started Mother Nature was not so cooperative and sent us snow and freezing temperatures. The crew, Bill, Wade, and Joe, showed up on time, ready to work with not a complaint to be heard. I watched as they used their knowledge, experience, training and expertise to install 4 foundation piers while at all times maintaining a clean work site and having extreme care for my yard and landscape. I am, still to this day, so impressed with the quality of their work with priority in safety, time management skills, competence and team work that I don't believe any other company will ever compare to their work ethics and total job performance. The day they came, a photo was taken of the work site. The day they left, another photo was taken of the work site. I can honestly say, not a leaf was disturbed on my landscape. If it hadn't snowed, you would not even know they were in the yard. Now that's an accomplishment for sure! So, in closing, I just want to tell you that because of the professional team you have gathered to work together, which I have experienced their work first hand, I will not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend your company. It was a pleasure to do business with your company and I am glad I got to meet the best crew ever. Please express my gratitude to Brenda, Rob, Bill, Wade and Joe for all their hard work, professionalism and job performance. It also meant a lot to me to have their support, concern and friendship during this difficult time of my life. Sincerely yours, Katherine L. Berndt
Daniel and Katherine B. of Johnson City, TN
It's been an interesting three days watching the crew work. They all know their jobs so well and they were always busy making good use of their time always planning ahead. I'™ve been really impressed with their professionalism, job knowledge and their work ethic. It'™s been a pleasure to have them in my home. The City of Jonesborough building inspector was likewise impressed. He came yesterday to check the rebar in the holes for the supports, and Bill took him into the  space and told him all about the process. He also showed him where the missing girder should have been and I showed him what the results of that missing girder had done to my house upstairs. He came back this morning to watch the œraising and asked Bill for a company card. He said he would be happy to recommend your company because he was impressed with the quality of work being done. I must also mention John Mitchell who essentially sold me on your company by showing me the quality of the materials that would be used to stabilize my house. I was so impressed that I didn't even call another company for a second estimate. There'€™s a plumber who advertises in this area and he states that his workers will be strangers when they get to your house but will be friends when they leave. That'€™s how I feel about your crew, and my first impression of your company. They were great! Thanks again for everything!
Peggy A. of Jonesborough, TN
All the personnel were polite and courteous. At the end of each day, the crew left the jobsite in immaculate condition. Several of our neighbors have already asked for references. Thank You for all the hard work and doing the job in the most professional manner.
John E. of Knoxville, TN
There were three men on my job and the workers were "GREAT."  I was very pleased with the job and the condition they left my yard in. Thanks, John McNeil
John M. of Knoxville, TN
I contracted with your company a few months ago to do repair work on a water problem in my basement and to place wall anchors on one of the walls. Jeff was assigned as the project supervisor. I am writing you to inform that he was an excellent choice for our project. He was having to deal with three women, one which lived 300 miles from the site. He answered all my sister's questions and daughter's concerns in a way they could understand. He also would call me, and kept me informed of the process/problems we did not know about at the onset. He informed me I could call day or night if I had questions. When problems came up, he checked with the experts and give me all options before we went ahead to take care of the problems. I would recommend your company to family and friends. Yours, Darla K.
Darla K. of Blountville, TN
Thank you so much for taking care of our problem with the mystery wall and all the work involved with installing the new support system. You were all so kind and courteous about answering all of our questions. We were impressed with the knowledge and workmanship displayed from start to finish of this project. Thank you so very much! You are truly professionals and was a pleasure working with all of you.
Douglas M. of Hixson, TN
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