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Your local structural and foundation repair company in Alexandria, VA is NV Waterproofing

Supportworks is a Foundation Repair Contractor Network across the United States and Canada helping residential and commercial property owners fix their failing foundations.

Our dealer in the Alexandria area brings structural integrity to building and residential foundations. You can count on us to find the answers to your foundation problems such as:

  • Settling foundation
  • Bowed basement walls
  • Foundation cracks
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Sagging floor joists
  • Sinking Concrete
  • Sinking slab
  • Unsuitable foundation soil

For homeowners, commercial property owners, general contractors and engineers, Supportworks is the right foundation repair company to solve your structural support needs. Contact us today for a free foundation inspection, evaluation and repair estimate!

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Recent Job Requests for Foundation & Concrete Repair in Alexandria, VA

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22303

Comment: Sagging floor on main level. Columns are damaged under main support beam. Would like an estimate to have new supports installed.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22308

Comment: I wanted to get an estimate on support for the crawl space. There is a joist that is sagging/bowing and split and it caused the floor to sag in one area. I'd also like to look at the rest of the crawl to ensure the remainder of the floor is well supported. Thanks

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22306

Comment: Would like an estimate to replace cinder block supports with metal supports in crawl space. Small one story house - approx. 1000 sq ft.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22301

Comment: Sidewalk leading to the house needs to be leveled. It it about 2 sections of sidewalk.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22310

Comment: Front stoop is separating from the house.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22308

Comment: Cracked and sinking back patio. Original to house 1964.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22306

Comment: Stoop separating from wall

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22314

Comment: Bowed retaining wall at the basement level.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22308

Comment: Foundation settling concern. One wall is settling over years now causing wall cracks and door misshaping. The wall does not have a deep foundation as there is no basement under it.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22315

Comment: My husband and I are looking to buy a home in 22315 and there appears to be some foundation damage, we just don't know how extensive or how bad it is.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22301

Comment: A portion of our house's driveway has cracked and sunk.

Project Location: Alexandria, VA 22307

Comment: I recently purchased a home and termite damage was discovered in the crawl space. There is also mold growth and the wood is not currently drying due to poor ventilation. I believe this is an outdated/unfunctional sump pump on the property, but I would like a specialist to recommend what the property needs in order to repair and replace the joist beams and flooring. Thank you!