Solution for Garage Door Lintel Failure

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Permanently stabilize a sagging lintel over your garage door with LintelLift

Do you have cracks above your garage door? If you have a brick veneer garage, the cause is likely a failing garage door lintel. The horizontal support of brick, concrete, stone, or timber spanning across the top of the door acts like a shelf, supporting the bricks above it. If the lintel isn't sized properly or becomes damaged over time, it can sag and cause expensive structural damage to your garage. If your garage is attached to your home, garage lintel failure can cause structural damage to your home. LintelLift offers a permanent, one-day garage door lintel repair solution for failing and sagging garage lintels.

Signs of Garage Lintel Sagging or Failure

  • Sagging garage door frame
  • Cracks above garage door (especially from the corners and at the middle)
  • Sagging bricks over garage door
  • Gap between the garage lintel and trim board
  • Lintel bowing in the shape of a "smile"

LintelLift Garage Lintel Repair System Advantages

LintelLift is a quick, safe, and effective solution for sagging or cracked garage door lintels. The patented LintelLift garage lintel repair system is designed to work with garage doors of all sizes and can typically be installed in one day, making it a convenient solution for every home.

The LintelLift System uses specially-engineered steel beams to support the failing lintel and the weight of the bricks above the garage door. LintelLift has been designed and tested to be a permanent repair that prevents further sagging to avoid the need for future garage lintel replacement.

One-day installation.

Protection against further sagging.

Minimal disruption during and after install.

Addresses the root cause of failing garage door lintels.

Vinyl trim can be painted to match house trim.

Why you need it. The primary reason for a home needing sagging garage lintel repair or replacement is that so many lintels are undersized to begin with. Some lintels also weaken over time because of corrosion. Without proper support, a garage door lintel will continue to sag and bow, putting the brick or stone above the garage at risk of collapsing. Cracks in the brick also create an entrance for pests and moisture problems. If you notice any cracking or a sagging garage door frame in your structure, don't wait until more damage is done. Schedule a free inspection and estimate for professional garage lintel repair.

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