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Do you have cracks in your foundation or a tilting chimney? Have you noticed uneven floors, driveways, walkways, or other slabs? Your trusted Supportworks dealer in Mobile has the solutions you require to permanently fix your foundation. Foundation settlement is common for Mobile homes, which is why our foundation repair professionals provide reliable solutions and quality service to protect the structural integrity of your home or business.

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Foundation Repair & Concrete Repair Experts Serving Mobile, AL

When you notice a foundation problem, you might be tempted to fix it on your own. However, DIY foundation repairs can result in further structural damage and more costly issues down the road if done incorrectly. When it comes to your foundation, you need a comprehensive foundation inspection conducted by a trained professional before starting any foundation repairs. The Supportworks foundation repair specialists will identify the causes of sinking floors, bowing walls, or cracks in the foundation.

If you’re looking to fix structural damage or wondering about the cost of your foundation repair, your local Supportworks contractor provides effective foundation repair solutions to stabilize your home. Even better, they may also offer long-lasting, fast-acting concrete leveling and repair solutions for uneven and cracked driveways, walkways, interior floors, and more.

Trusted Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Services:

  • Foundation Settlement Repair
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Bowing Wall Repair
  • Foundation Piers
  • Crawl Space Repairs & House Jacks
  • Sagging Floor Repair
  • Uneven Concrete Leveling
  • Concrete Crack Repair
  • Wall Anchors
  • Concrete Sealing

Signs of Structural Damage in Mobile

Wall cracks, small leaks, and sticking doors and windows may not seem like a big deal. Bowing walls, tilting chimneys, and flooded basements might be a bigger deal. However, all foundation damage can lead to costly damage down the road that jeopardizes the structural integrity of your home. It’s essential to evaluate common signs of foundation damage before the problem gets worse. Foundation repairs are faster, less expensive, and less intrusive when homeowners act quickly after noticing structural damage.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of a foundation problem — call your local Supportworks dealer today!

Common Foundation Problems:

  • Cracked Brick/Stucco - Stair-step cracks in exterior foundation walls.
  • Bowing Walls - Concrete wall leaning in at the top.
  • Shearing Walls - Inward movement of the bottom of the block wall.
  • Ceiling Gaps - Space between the ceiling and the interior wall.
  • Sagging Floors - Sagging floors or gaps between the floor and the interior wall.
  • Tilting Chimney - Chimney separating from the house.

If you’ve noticed signs of structural damage to your Mobile home or commercial property, contact a reliable Supportworks contractor to schedule a foundation inspection. They can recommend the best solution for your particular foundation problem. Each Supportworks company receives quality training and is knowledgeable in the best industry practices for foundation repair. Plus, they have access to a selection of proven products, including helical piers and crawl space support jacks.

What’s Causing My Foundation Problem?

Foundation settlement occurs over time as the foundation shifts and sinks into the ground. Failing foundations are the result of soil changes or issues in the initial construction of the foundation. No matter the cause of your foundation damage, the ideal foundation repair solution is one that has been customized for the conditions and history of your home.

The Impact of Soils

Fill soil is soil that was added back after your home’s foundation was dug out and constructed. Fill soil is loosely compacted, which can lead to foundation problems. Other common causes of structural damage include high humidity, drainage issues, groundwater levels, the angle of your foundation compared to your yard, and crawl space or basement leaks. Luckily, Supportworks contractors offer customizable foundation repair solutions to stabilize homes. These experts will design solutions to prevent further foundation movement, cracking, or bowing.

Foundation Repair for All Structural Damages:

Supportworks offers a wide selection of foundation repair products and solutions to fix the source of foundation settlement and instability.

  • Helical piers and push piers for stabilization
  • Foundation wall anchors and power braces
  • Support systems for block and poured concrete foundation walls
  • Garage door supports
  • Crawl space support jacks
  • Concrete leveling for sinking floors, cracked driveways, and other damaged slabs
  • Concrete sealing for protecting slabs and extending their lifespan

Ignoring foundation problems can result in more damage down the road. Get in touch with your local Supportworks dealer in Mobile to schedule a foundation inspection today!

Mobile, AL Concrete Leveling & Repair

Do you have sinking, cracked concrete on your property? Contact your local Supportworks dealer. Sagging floors, cracked driveways, and other damaged slabs aren’t just an eyesore, they can also be a tripping hazard. Residential concrete is vulnerable to a lot of the same issues that impact foundations.

Enhance the look and safety of your property by partnering with a Supportworks dealer to repair cracked, uneven concrete. Fixing these problems as soon as possible can prevent them from getting worse. Supportworks companies offer proven concrete repair and leveling techniques designed to extend the life of your concrete by protecting it against further deterioration. Your local dealer can provide you with the appropriate fixes for your commercial or residential concrete.

Concrete Repair & Protection Solutions:

Supportworks’ concrete leveling solution lifts and repairs uneven concrete. After that, they offer a concrete sealing solution to repair cracked concrete and extend its life by 3 to 5 times. Let your local Supportworks dealer increase the safety and curb appeal of your Mobile property with their concrete repair services!

Why Mobile Homeowners Choose Supportworks for Foundation Repair & More:

  • Custom-Designed Foundation Repair, Concrete Leveling & Concrete Repair Solutions
  • Exclusive Foundation Repair Products, Proven Effective for Over a Decade
  • Financing Options Available for Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Projects - Check With Your Local Dealer

Repairing Structural Damage & Cracked Concrete?

Contractors in the Supportworks network can help stabilize your foundation and repair cracked and uneven concrete. Contact your local foundation repair expert to schedule an estimate today!

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