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Concrete settlement is a common problem for residential and commercial properties in Alaska. Sunken cracked concrete walkways, driveways, steps and indoor concrete flooring don't get better on their own. They become serious safety hazards and should be addressed quickly to avoid hurting your property value.

Concrete sinks and cracks as a result of shifting soils, a weak soil base, or erosion. Soils in Alaska range in density, composition, and load-bearing capacities. When the weight above the soil exceeds the soil below, the soil will compact and settle. Clay and silt can cause soil to compact when the moisture in the soil dries up during warmer, drier periods. Once soil becomes compact, a heavy concrete slab above the soil will sink and crack over the weaker soil base or over voids created in the soil.

An older alternative to fixing sinking concrete is a technique called "mud jacking" that uses a thick slurry to fill in the gap underneath sunken concrete. It is a time-consuming, inefficient way to solve sunken concrete problems, and adds more weight above the compacting soil.

There is a simple solution to lifting and raising cracked, sunken concrete. PolyLevel is a less intrusive, lighter weight solution that works! Your local PolyLevel concrete repair dealer can provide a long-term solution that is fast and affordable.