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After several tries over the years to fix their foundation Linda finally found a way to do so with Basement Systems of New York. Watch as she gives an in-depth review of her project.
Linda R. of Livingston Manor, NY
Thursday, July 22nd
Three or four months after finishing the basement in his Hampton, NY home, Tomas H. came home to six inches of flood water. All the expensive finishes in his basement floor and part of the walls were ruined. He knew he wouldn't be able to use it as a living space until he had dealt with the flooding issues properly.  After calling a few companies in the area, he chose Dale Giraudin's Basement Systems of New York for the job because he was very satisfied with the inspection, the presentation given by the system design specialist and ultimately the price. Since the waterproofing system and sump pump were installed, Thomas' basement has been completely dry and he is very satisfied. I think this was one of the wisest investments we made in our home. Without it we wouldn't be able to sell the house as a finished basement. Now it is all added square footage and drastically increased the value of our property.
Thomas H. of New Hampton, NY
Wednesday, January 25th
We realized that the work that was needed was beyond the scope of work that we could perform on our own, due to this we contacted Basement Systems of New York to get the job done due to their proven track record and quality of workmanship. I like working with companies that I have experience with and who have a proven track record that I do not have to site around and worry about at night if the work is being performed, as well worry about if the work is being performed properly. When Basement Systems of New York has completed a project for us knock on wood it has started and ended on time with in reason. By far any good quality system is not a cheap system that you are going to install overnight, you get what you pay for and based on this Basement Systems of New York is a worth wild company to work with as I have received now call backs, which is a major plus.
Scott A. of Hurleyville, NY
Wednesday, March 11th
It doesn't feel like a basement it just feels like another room. I didn't think it was going to happen. I thought I would still get that kinda damp basement feeling but it doesn't. 
Susan B. of Pine Bush, NY
Tuesday, June 6th
Both my wife and I share a sense of security after the work was completed and are confident that this system can and will stand up against any issues, whether big or small. The atmosphere due to the drains and the dehumidifiers makes the basement most often the most comfortable space, it feels cozy. 
Rick B. of Valley Cottage, NY
Monday, March 2nd
Adam was so impressed with his overall experience with Basement Systems Of New York that he had to let us know his thoughts about the process, from his first contact with the company to the completion of his project. 
Adam R. of Liberty, NY
Friday, July 22nd
We couldn't be any more pleased with how our project turned out. Everyone from our first contact with the company to the foreman on the job was amazing. Everyone was courteous and professional. 
Ed M. of Poughkeepsie, NY
Tuesday, February 22nd
I'm confident the work performed both back in 2018 and just recently was a great investment and it has increased the overall value of the home. My advice to anyone that has an issue with their home, contact Basement Systems they offer so many more services than what they did for me. I am highly confident that Basement Systems will take care of any and all of your needs
Arthur M. of Halcottsville, NY
Monday, September 28th
Dear Tracey, Anita, Amanda, Chris, Billy & Dan,   First I must apologize for taking so long to thank you for all the care and concern you gave me regarding the timely response with my dehumidifier replacement issue. It is very difficult finding ANY business that shows true concern and great customer service, but you truly did for me. Tracey reached out to Chris who called immediately and he listened to ALL my issues/concerns very patiently and was able to juggle their schedule and have my dehumidifier replaced to mitigate the mold issue in my crawl space.  I also want to thank you for keeping your word; it is VERY difficult to find anymore. Billy is terrific, he is courteous, neat, and professional. Dan's help was also much appreciated. All of the above qualities I have mentioned from the office staff and management to the installers are very difficult to find anymore and I truly appreciate the help you all extended to me! I am very glad I chose Basement Systems of New York. In my opinion, you are respectful, compassionate, and caring. Thank you again to everyone!
Barbara C. of Pearl River, NY
Friday, October 9th
Timely and efficient - a job well done!
Cathy & John B. of Old Bridge, NY
Monday, March 10th
I have already recommended you to a bunch of people!
Dr. May W. of New York, NY
Sunday, October 22nd
Excellent Job to Dale Giraudin's Basement Systems of New York! I will definitely be using your services in the future.
Gigi K. of New York, NY
Friday, July 11th
The installation crew was very professional. They enjoyed their work and were very efficient and all about the job. Great work ethic and great job done.
Michael B. of Sparrow Bush, NY
Monday, March 21st
What a terrific job done. The clean up was also great. So far my cellar is dry.  Even with all the rain we have I had no problem. It is so wonderful I do not have to stress. 
Inge V. of Port Jervis, NY
Thursday, March 24th
I am thrilled with your work. So far the system has been working correctly. I am satisfied. 
Donie M. of Port Jervis, NY
Monday, April 19th
Thanks, guys!
Blue Ribbon Developers of Glen Rock, NT
Monday, March 3rd
We would like to thank you for being here so quickly to help us with the water problem in our home. It was a very trying time for us. Your kindness, efficiency, ability to answer all of our questions and the manner in which you conducted yourselves while here will always be remembered favorably.
Brian U. of Warwick, NY
Wednesday, March 13th
I am writing to express my total amazement and great appreciation for the neatest most workmanlike job with your men, the Cruz bothers, completed at my home this evening. They are exemplary of the very finest craftsmen in a time when hardly anyone seems to take pride in their work, and work they did. They completed the Dry Basement drainage system in my cellar in two days and left the job with our basement in a immaculate condition - much cleaner than it has been in a very long time. Please express our most sincere thanks to them, and accept our best wishes for the success of your firm. My wife and I will gladly recommend Basement Systems of NY to anyone who has a problem similar to ours. Very sincerely yours, Seymour Gordon    
Seymour G. of Warwick, NY
Tuesday, November 15th
Dear Dale, There are no words to explain how I feel about my dry cellar- FANTASTIC!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  
Joann B. of Warwick, NY
Thursday, April 25th
Under the conditions that we had that were not ideal they did an awesome job. While they were working they had water coming into the basement. I was amazed they got the job done in just two days!
Pastor Mary & John H. of Warwick, NY
Friday, May 26th
The system is preforming as expected, perfectly. No issues at all. After a few heavy rains the basement remained dry. So far very satisfied. 
Phil M. of Warwick, NY
Saturday, May 22nd
I am glad I chose Basement Systems of New York to help me with my basement's water problems. They did an excellent job and didn't leave any mess behind. The office staff was polite and well-organized. William Starr was especially courteous, knowledgeable, and polite. Great Job!
Alfred F. of Warwick, NY
Monday, February 24th
Very satisfied with the job that Basement Systems of New York did in my home.
Darrin V. of Warwick, NY
Thursday, June 24th
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