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Whether your home has a cracked foundation, sinking floors or other uneven concrete slabs, or bowing walls, Foundation Supportworks has your back for these problems and more. We are a leader in foundation repair and concrete repair solutions to all your foundation problems. In northwestern Oklahoma and throughout the Noble area, foundation settlement is a common problem for homeowners and commercial building owners. Your local Noble dealer offers experience, expertise, and our proven foundation repair solutions to help restore structural damage and sinking, cracked concrete – as well as your peace of mind!

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Residential Foundation Repair & Concrete Repair Services in Noble, OK:

While many homeowners think fixing structural damage themselves will help them save money, many of these projects require a professional touch to avoid problems worsening. Before getting started, correctly diagnosing the causes of a cracked foundation, a sinking floor, or a bowing wall with a thorough foundation inspection is crucial to developing the right repair plan. You can trust the track record of your local Noble Foundation Supportworks contractor to provide a customized solution that stabilizes your foundation and restores your concrete. Services include:

  • Foundation Settlement Repair
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Bowing Wall Repair
  • Wall Anchors
  • Foundation Piers
  • Sagging Floor Repair
  • Uneven Concrete Leveling
  • Concrete Crack Repair
  • Crawl Space Jacks
  • Concrete Sealing

Structural Foundation Problems: Symptoms to Look For

Some signs of a foundation problem may seem minor, like sticking windows and doors or wall cracks in the basement. Others can be downright scary. Those include serious bowing walls or a tilting chimney separating from the home! That's why you should schedule a foundation inspection with a professional when you notice any of these common symptoms. This is especially before the foundation problem gets worse and threatens the safety and value of your home. The sooner you check out any possible structural damage, the better: the foundation will be faster, less costly, and less intrusive. Don’t neglect signs of potential foundation problems for too long!

Common Signs of Foundation Problems:

  • Cracked Brick/Stucco - Stair-step cracks in exterior foundation walls.
  • Bowing Walls - Concrete wall leaning in at the top.
  • Shearing Walls - Inward movement of the bottom of the block wall.
  • Ceiling Gaps - Space between the ceiling and the interior wall.
  • Sinking Floors - Sloping floors or gap between the floor and the interior wall.
  • Tilting Chimney - Chimney separating from the house.

Does your home have a foundation problem, including bowing walls, wall cracks, foundation settlement, or sagging floor joists? If so, reach out to your Noble foundation repair professional to schedule a foundation inspection. Once they evaluate your property, they will recommend the best solution customized to suit your situation. Every Foundation Supportworks dealer is trained and equipped in best practices for foundation repair using Foundation Supportworks suite of proven products, from helical piers to crawl space support jacks.

What Causes Foundation Problems in Noble?

Foundation settlement occurs when your home’s foundation shifts and unevenly sinks into the ground. Soil changes over time and initial construction issues can also lead to a weak or failing foundation. The best foundation repair solution is one that has been customized for the conditions and history of your home.

The Impact of Soils

The soil your home is built on and that surrounds the home plays a major role in the stability and strength of your foundation. Expansive soils shrink and expand with the dramatic changes that each season brings, exerting pressure against basement and crawl space walls. Hydrostatic pressure leads to uneven settlement, where the foundation sinks unevenly into the soil.

Loosely compacted “fill soil” (the soil that was added back after your home’s foundation was dug out and constructed) also contributes to foundation problems. Leaks, excessive humidity, groundwater levels, drainage and the angle of the foundation to your yard and garden all play a role in how your foundation performs. Luckily, Foundation Supportworks offers effective proven techniques to stabilize foundations. Your Noble foundation repair contractor in the Foundation Supportworks network can design a solution that prevents further movement, cracking, or bowing, and permanently strengthens and stabilizes your foundation.

Foundation Solutions for Every Problem:

Your Foundation Supportworks dealer offers a full range of foundation products and solutions designed to address the causes of residential foundation settlement and instability.

  • Helical piers and push piers for stabilization
  • Foundation wall anchors and power braces
  • Support systems for block and poured concrete foundation walls
  • Garage door supports
  • Crawl space support jacks

Don't neglect signs of a foundation problem for too long! Reach out to your Foundation Supportworks dealer in Noble for an effective solution today.

Concrete Leveling & Repair in Noble

Does your home have a sagging floor, patio, sunroom, walkway, or driveway? Residential concrete is vulnerable to many of the same factors affecting foundation issues. And while sinking, cracked concrete can affect your property's appearance, the biggest concern is the tripping hazard. That's why Foundation Supportworks helps preserves your property value by repairing sinking, cracked concrete when it happens quickly, safely, and reliably, providing lasting solutions and minimizing the risk of a fall.

Your local concrete repair contractor can offer the right fixes for your residential concrete so you can maintain the beauty and safety of your home.

Concrete Repair & Protection Solutions:

Our Concrete Protection System helps homeowners lift, level, repair, and restore damaged concrete around their homes. Reach out to your Foundation Supportworks concrete repair contractor in Noble to help beautify and maintain your property!

Why More Noble Homeowners Choose Us:

  • Custom-Designed Foundation & Concrete Repair Solutions
  • Exclusive Foundation Repair Products, Proven Effective for Over a Decade
  • Financing Options Available For Foundation Repairs & Concrete Repairs - Check With Your Local Dealer

Reliable Solutions to Structural Damage & Sinking, Cracked Concrete

Your Foundation Supportworks dealer is ready to help you stabilize foundation problems and restore sinking, cracked concrete. Protect your home’s safety, beauty, and value by contacting your local foundation repair contractor for a free estimate today!

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Project Location: Noble, OK 73068

Comment: Sidewalk leading up to the house is sinking.. needs lifted

Project Location: Noble, OK 73068

Comment: Settling foundation, with water and run off going under house.

Project Location: Noble, OK 73068

Comment: Have several crack running across the slab. and part of the slab is out of line about 1/4 rise. Need repaired before I can install new flooring.