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From Ewww to Wow in Linwood, NC

Did you know that 50% of household air can flow up from your crawl space? It's important to keep it as clean and dry as possible. Adding a crawl space vapor barrier and dehumidifier is the best way to improve indoor air quality and make energy improvements inside your home.


Wood Flooring Repair in Statesville, NC

An amazing before and after Cantey Foundation Specialists wood repair on a flooring job in Statesville, NC. Water damage can extend much further into your home that you think. It's important to have your home inspected at the first signs of foundation settlement. 

Stunning before & After in Albemarle, NC

This crawlspace had high moisture causing a mildew smell in the home. The homeowners were interested in dehumidifier, vapor barrier, french drains to permanently find a solution to their moisture problems. 

PolyLevel Fixes Wall Cracks in Charlotte, NC

Recently we had a customer call us in Charlotte, NC complaining of her wall framing separating from top plate. There was a half inch crack in sheetrock in living room, the doors are not closing in living room, closet, and bedroom. The System Design Specialists also found a few cracks on exterior brick. This home was on a slab so a concrete solution would have to be the way to go. With our PolyLevel Lift, these issue were easily addressed and the Peterson family could not be more pleased. 

Doors Not Shutting in Charlotte, SC

Another example in Charlotte, NC of how a PolyLevel could be the solution for interior cracks, hard to shut, or sticking doors, and even exterior cracks, on slab homes. 

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