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A home is often the largest and most important investment a family will make.  The home serves as both the cornerstone for the family and the financial base of the family’s future.  When the foundation of this New Hampshire home is damaged or weakened in a way that causes the structure to crack, bow, or otherwise fail, the resale value of the home is severely compromised.  Call or contact us today by e-mail for a free foundation repair estimate and written quote in New Hampshire!

Foundation problems only get worse with time.  A foundation that is cracking, sinking, or has bowing walls has started down a long and rocky road of foundation problems.  As the issues with the foundation worsen, cracks in the walls and floors may widen, floors may become uneven, and chimneys may begin to tilt.  Doors and windows can jam, and the crawl space structure may begin to sag as the support pillars holding it up sink into the earth.

Over time, foundation problems in New Hampshire will become much more severe.  Widening foundation cracks may leak water into the basement or crawl space, and in extreme cases, the home may experience complete foundation failure.  A foundation that has collapsed or caved in will need to be removed and replaced- a process that involves foundation excavation and the removal of landscaping and lawn around the home.

There’s a better way to handle a foundation issue!  Your New Hampshire foundation repair contractors are experienced, trained, and fully equipped to help you with any residential foundation repair needs you may have.  Each foundation repair contractor and crawl space support specialist from the Foundation Supportworks network located in Nashua, Manchester, and every other part of New Hampshire has been and fully trained in the network’s International Headquarter, based in Omaha, Nebraska.  It’s our goal to find the best solution for your home's structural problems- one that will quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively return your foundation to the stable supporting structure it’s meant to be!

The Foundation Supportworks dealers located in areas like Barre, Keene and Rutland in New Hampshire provide sturdy products for all types of foundation problems.  For buckling foundation walls, Foundation Supportworks’ contractors recommend the Foundation Supportworks’ line of steel wall anchors and helical tiebacks to reinforce a bowing, buckling wall.  If the New Hampshire foundation is surrounded by weak supporting soils or is experiencing settlement problems, foundation helical piers or push pier installation makes a great option for repair.  If your home has a crawlspace with sagging support pillars, Foundation Supportworks line of steel crawl space jacks can provide the best support for your structure.

Foundation Supportworks contractors has the foundation repair products that offer the best solution— with products that install quickly and provide long-lasting results to keep your foundation supporting your home the way it should for the rest of your stay.

Foundation Supportworks dealers can offer you a free written quote and on-site foundation inspection with one of our field representatives, and with no obligation.  Foundation Supportworks dealers have repaired New Hampshire foundation problems in counties such as Belknap, Carroll, Cheshire, Coos, Grafton, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Ottowa, Rockingham, Strafford, and Sullivan. Foundation Supportworks offers their warranted galvanized steel foundation repair products for residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial structures, government buildings, and all other types of foundations.

The dealers who make up the Foundation Supportworks network are located all across the United States and Canada! Call us toll free or contact us online. We'd be glad to solve your home's foundation issues!

From the greater Keene and Manchester areas to Coos County and throughout the rest of New Hampshire, we have a foundation repair contractor in your neighborhood!