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  Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt fromBallston Lake, NY were looking for a company to fix a bowing wall problem in their basement. They called several companies in the area and never heard back from any of them. They then, saw one of our ads and decided to give us a call. This video talks about their experience with Adirondack Basement Systems, from the first phone call all through the installation and completion of the project "They are very professional, very polite, they were very respectful to me, my wife and the property. I did not have an issue with anything.", says Mr. Hoyt.
Mrs. & Mr. H. of Ballston Lake, NY
Tuesday, December 6th
Tom R.'is a customer from Lake Pleasant, NY. His family has two beautiful 95 year-old cabins in the Adirondack Mountains. Due to the age of the structures, they were beginning to settle because the piers that supported the floor were badly damaged. Tom R. hired Adirondack Basement Systems to fix the problem using SmartJacks to support the structure. In this video Tom talks about the experience with the company. "This is a company that is very easy to work with and I will recommend them to everyone", says Tom.
Tom R. of Lake Pleasant, NY
Friday, September 7th
Ten years ago, Tom M. hired Adirondack Basement Systems to fix his Medusa, NY home's basement which had serious water seepage and mold problems. Ever since Adirondack installed the waterproofing system, the basement has been bone dry! Tom is so happy with the results, he recommends Adirondack Basement Systems to his friends and neighbors every change he gets! "I tell all my friends that own homes that if they have any issues to check out Adirondack Basement Systems because they did such a good job for me and I am really happy with what they did!", says Tom.
Tom M. of Medusa, NY
Wednesday, August 1st
"Ron Patterson came in to perform our annual dehumidifier service. He was outstanding; arriving as scheduled, he was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.  On April 23, 2014, I had William Seabridge of Adirondack Basement assess my basement. They recommended the installation of a Sani Dry air system to eliminate dampness. The installation was handled in a timely and professional manner. At that time, I determined that they were an outstanding company that provided great service. I was sorry that I did not have install the Sani Dry system earlier. They did not try to sell me products or services that I did not need. I highly recommend them!"
Lawrence D. of North Chatham, NY
Monday, July 18th
Testimonial Photo by Tom S.
"Excellent presentation. The Lawrence Janesky book DRY BASEMENT SCIENCE was also excellent.  Sean and his employees did an excellent job installing this system.  We choose Adirondack Basement after looking at other comments and especially the Ron Hazelton video. This video shows in detail what will actually happen during installation."    
Tom S. of Albany, NY
Thursday, June 23rd
Mike Coonradt came today to do our annual check up on our pump systems. He's been here before so I smile when I know he's coming back. He remembers things and asks the right questions. He's careful with the hose they use to fill the pump basin. He's extremely personable and reminds us to call if there are any issues. Adirondack Basement Systems gives us the most peaceful of minds considering the amount of water that could make it's way up from the water table. When you think about the kind of water damage that can happen it's best to get the correct system and company that backs up that system. Every penny was well spent! Thanks Adirondack Basement Systems.
Janet I. of Clifton Park, NY
Wednesday, October 12th
Call Center...they answered all my concerns.  Sales Representative...they were great didn't over sell recommended only what I needed and explained everything clearly.  Installation Crew...WOW what a great crew they worked like a well-oiled machine,,they explained what they were doing how it worked answer all my concerns ,, best of all they left my basement cleaner then it was great job.  
Walter R. of Chestertown, NY
Monday, October 24th
"Sean was great...very knowledgeable & professional...easy to talk to...explaining why changes were necessary...not being pushy to have us purchase products we didn't want.  We were amazed at how well the crew cleaned up"
Susan C. of West Kill, NY
Wednesday, January 20th
- How satisfied are you with the installation we completed for you?      Very satisfied - Was clean-up satisfactory?      Yes, very satisfactory - What did you think of our installation crew?      Great crew - What are your thoughts on your Design Specialist and the presentation?      Very satisfied - Was our office team efficient and knowledgeable?      Yes - Any additional comments?      Completely satisfied
Tom C. of Lexington, NY
Wednesday, December 26th
Our system was installed in 2005. We have Mike come and service it yearly. Mike is an excellent asset to your company, he explains everything he will be doing to maintain the system. Your office team is always responsive and courteous. A few years back we installed a WINE CELLAR!
Jack G. of Windham, NY
Monday, July 1st
- How satisfied are you with the installation we completed?      The installation appears to be satisfactory. - Was clean-up satisfactory?      Clean-up was adequate. - What did you think of our installation crew?      The crew were friendly and appeared to be competent and completed the job in a timely manner. - What are your thoughts on your Design Specialist and the presentation?      He was friendly and professional. He understood the problem and knew how to fix it. - Was our office team efficient and knowledgable?      They were competent and fully met the requirements. - Any additional comment?      This was a 'good job!'
Gerald D. of Gloversville, NY
Friday, May 24th
- How satisifed are you with the installation we completed for you?      Extremely satisfied - Was clean-up satisfactory?      Everything looked great when they were done - What did you think of our installation crew?      They were very professional - What are your thoughts on your Design Specialist and the presentation?      He was very professional and personable - Was our office team knowledgable and efficient?      Yes
Lotte S. of Round Top, NY
Wednesday, November 21st
- How satisfied are you with the installation we completed for you?      very professional - Was clean-up satisfactory?      Very - What did you think of our installation crew?      They were great and very informative - What are your thoughts on your Design Specialist and the presentation?      Professional, everything explained; didn't try to overcharge us - Was our office team efficient and knowledgeable?      Yes - Overall, what were the top two reasons you chose us over another company?      System wasn't run of the mill and didn't want to dig up the yard  
Bren K. of Elizaville, NY
The guys that worked on my basement were friendly, helpful and professional. They did a great job installing and cleaning up. The Design Specialist was great! The office team was knowledgeable. Overall Adirondack Basement Systems has the best product, knowledge of basement water issues! Thanks to them my basement is now dry.
Audrey M. of Cairo, NY
Monday, June 3rd
I was very satisfied with my job.  The crew was very polite and professional.  I chose the company because of the quality of the products and the materials used for the pumps. I had my basement done in November of 2009.  We are now in April 2010 and it is working as advertised.  I lost power for 12+ hours and the battery backup pump performed excellent!
Dennis and Jennifer B. of Leeds, NY
Monday, June 3rd
- What did you think of our service technician?      Very polite, courteous, and knew what he was doing - Did our service technician explain the service to you?      Yes - Is there anything we could do differently for future service?      No- everything was very good - What are your thoughts on our office team?      They seemed very nice - What have you done in the basement since our initial installation?       We have finished the room into livable space. Your company also put in the subfloor. Everything has worked out great! - Would you recommend our company to others?      Yes - Additional comments:      Overall, we are very happy with the work you did. Our basement is now living space we enjoy a lot in a large part thanks to the system and subfloor Adirondack Basement Systems installed.
Mike and Cindy K. of Medusa, NY
"Chris and his crew transformed our crawlspace into a very livable space.  If I was 3 and a half feet tall it would be perfect!  It is now dry and nice looking a 180 degree turn from where it started.  Thank you."
David J. of Middleburgh, NY
Tuesday, September 29th
Your business supplies a GREAT product and also a great service.  I felt your organization did a WONDERFUL JOB in a very professional manner! The crew as well as service technician who worked on our basement were professional and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and were very nice. Since the work done, we've been able to move storage items down into the basement! Thanks!
William C. of Hudson, NY
Tuesday, July 2nd
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