Before & After Photos

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Cracked and Bowing Wall Repair with Steel Beams in Milton, NC

Among the many issues that water seepage had caused in this basement, the wall bowing and cracking was very noticeable. To avoid a future wall collapse, we installed our PowerBraces along the block walls. Now, this basement is secure and safe from its cracked walls.

Blanch, NC Cracked Basement Wall Stabilization

The cracked walls along this basement were starting to shift and bow the foundation walls. We installed our CarbonArmor strips on the inside of this corner to keep it stabilized.

Damaged Basement Walls in Leasburg, NC

This basement was damaged from water that was getting inside via cracks in the bowing foundation walls. Our crew permanently stabilized these walls with the PowerBrace wall system. These zinc-plated steel beams are secured tight against your basement wall with brackets anchored to floor joists. It is a non-invasive and immediate way to stabilize foundation walls and even straighten them back to their original position. 

Stabilizing and Drying Wet Basement Wall in Eden, NC

Massive water seepage put pressure on this block wall and started to bow it. It also would flood. We waterproofed and stabilized the block walls with our drainage system and steel support beams.

Stabilizing Sagging Floor and Humidity Control Inside a Reidsville, NC Crawl Space

The jacks previously installed under this house were not stabilizing the floor effectively. So, we installed our SmartJack system utilizing a steel beam support that creates much more stabilization for the home over time. We also installed CleanSpace vapor barrier around the jacks and throughout the crawl space to combat the humidity issues.

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