Before & After Photos

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SmartJacks Installation in Easley, SC

Our crew installed a supplemental beam, and SmartJack supports to support the floor joist system. When installing SmartJacks with or without supplemental beams, the goal is to stabilize and stop further damage to the structure, not necessarily to level floors. 

Push pier installation in Canon, GA

Our crew installed push piers to support the foundation of this owner's home, located in Canon, GA.

Push Pier Installation to Repair Lake Lure, NC Cracking Wall

This before and after is a little different because the work has already been completed and the crack has already been brought back towards its original position. This before and after is more to show the process after the push piers are installed, rather than the difference that they made in closing the crack (which was a huge difference). 

The "before" photo shows off the two installed push piers that had to be installed under this patio. The crack can also be seen at the top of the picture, and as you can see it is essentially completely closed up. Our crew had carefully removed a portion of the concrete that was just big enough for them to dig out the area and install the push piers. The great thing about push piers are that they are almost always completely in the ground once installed.

The "after" photo shows the same area but after the area had been filled back in. The crew filled the holes back up with the dirt they had removed and then began mixing concrete to cover the area. The concrete was poured and smoothed out, making it as good as new! Of course the old and new concrete will look a little different, but the most important part is that this homeowner doesn't have to worry about any further damage to their wall. 

SmartJacks installed in Lake Lure, NC

Foundation issues are a problem that should never be put on hold. As much as we want it to be able to stop, the problem will grow and become worse as time passes. This Lake Lure, NC homeowner had thought to hold off on getting his foundation issues fixed. However, after watching the floors continue to sag, he decided that he could put it off no longer..

When our team came to rectify the problem they brought along SmartJacks. The SmartJacks were placed under the floor joist of the home and then used to push the floors back into place. To install it, we excavate a two-foot cube at each SmartJack location. The hole is then filled with concrete or engineered to create a stable, loadbearing footing. The SmartJack sits on top of it with a custom-engineered base.

Cracking in Asheville, NC Basement Wall Leads to Installation of CarbonArmor Straps

Basements can have a lot of different problems, all of which can be quite serious. The most common problems we see in basements are bowing walls and water intrusion, often around the joint where the floor and wall meet. These are both serious issues that should be taken care as soon as possible. Many of the homes we work on have both of these issues at the same time, such as the home that is shown in these photos.

The first photo shows off one of the basement walls that was dealing with both water intrusion and had some cracks had started to develop. Our System Design Specialist inspected the entire basement area and came up with a solution that would take care of both the water intrusion and the cracking along the walls. 

The second picture shows the same wall after our crew came out to the home and installed both our CarbonArmor Straps and WaterGuard drainage system. The CarbonArmor is installed in order to prevent any further bowing and cracking on the wall. The WaterGuard was installed on the floor of the basement against the wall. It leaves a small gap between the floor and wall, which allows water to get through. We also installed a sump pump in this basement to pump out any and all water that gets into the basement.