Testimonials for Master Services

Brian E. had some unique settlement issues facing his home, but our team was able to provide timely and long-lasting solutions. See what Brian had to say about his experience with Master Services!
Brian E. of Kingsport, TN
Tuesday, May 11th
Was 100% satisfied with the job and service!
David S. of Mascot, TN
Friday, September 14th
They came when they were supposed to and finished when they said they would.  Very fast and neat job.  I would always recomment them to anyone who wants it done right!! 
James B. of Andersonville, TN
The crew arrived on time and the Foreman explained what they were going to do and made sure I understood. The stabilization proceeded as planned with a good result. The holes were filled and plants replaced and the area was cleaned up to my satisfaction and they left.
Dan C. of Andersonville, TN
Tuesday, October 23rd
Great installation crew!
Jerry C. of Norris, TN
Thursday, November 22nd
The foundation crew was very professional and concerned that I was satisfied with their work and cleanup. Very professional, polite, conscientous and respectful of property.
O'Neal T. of Jacksboro, TN
Friday, June 8th
Like that they gave it to me straight and told me what I needed.
Earl D. of Knoxville, TN
I hired Master Services based on their piping structure, the price, and the warranty. I was so impressed with how they worked our job in IMMEDIATELY for the sale of our home. Thank you! Also, our installation crew was efficient and kind. I am a very satisfied customer.
Sondra D. of Knoxville, TN
Thursday, June 15th
The technical presentation, options, and decision process is how I chose to go with Master Services.
Noakes M. of Knoxville, TN
Wednesday, June 14th
I chose master dry because of my wifes past experience with the company. 
Cliff & Elaine H. of Knoxville, TN
The installation crew was great and all pros! We are 100% satisfied with the job that was done!!  Everything involved in the project was explained to us and the crew did everything right the first time!!  
Ernest & Joan P. of Powell, TN
Wednesday, August 1st
Very good job!
Peter H. of Alcoa, TN
Monday, November 26th
I am very pleased with the job that Master Services did while installing helical piers under my house. The installation crew was wonderful, and I give the whole process a 5 out of 5.
Sharon C. of Maryville, TN
Wednesday, June 14th
Master dry did an amazing job for us! The installation crew was very nice and professional. Being certified by the BBB sets the company apart. All of the products the company uses are great; the helical piers they use are SUPERIOR. Trust Master Services for your foundation issues!
Sanford & Susie S. of Lenoir City, TN
Wednesday, June 14th
Master Services's installation crew is compentent, hard working and well trained. The inspectors are also very qualified. In fact, that's why I chose Master Services over other companies. Everyone there comes prepared and they complete the task at hand quickly and effeciently. They took the time to make a real effort ensuring my satisfaction.
Tony B. of Madisonville, TN
Thursday, June 15th
Total testimonials : 326