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Roger contacted us after a glowing referral from another local farmer who chose us for a similar project. We sat down with him to hear how impressed he was with our integrity and follow-through. This past October, our Foreman, Hugo, and his crew (Gabriel R. and Daniel) worked together to restore Roger's manure pit foundation and provided him with a remarkable experience! Thank you, Roger, for choosing us!
Roger A. of Winona, MN
Thursday, December 3rd
We would like to acknowledge our crew of Hugo, Gabriel, Daniel, Fredy, and our Design Specialist, Chad, for providing an amazing experience for our customers in Little Falls, MN. Thank you, Seth and Kayla, for choosing us and for sharing your experience about how much of a difference we could make for you and your home repair needs!  To hear from other customers and their success stories with our team, click HERE! 
Seth and Kayla J. of Little Falls, MN
Tuesday, January 12th
We are happy to recognize our crew of Matt, Dylon, Zach, and our Design Specialist, Ian, for providing a pleasant and courteous experience for our customers in Fargo! Thank you, Patricia and Terry, for choosing us!  To view more of our customer video testimonials, click HERE! 
Patricia and Terry M. of Fargo, ND
Tuesday, January 12th
After working in construction for many years, Tom said that our crew was the hardest working construction team he has ever seen. Shoutout to our crew of Matt, Reymundo, and Jesus C., as well as our Design Specialist, Mac, for providing Tom with a memorable and remarkable experience!  We provide FREE estimates for all of our services. Give us a call today to schedule yours!
Tom G. of Eau Claire, WI
Tuesday, October 19th
Chad said he chose us because of our integrity, work ethic, character, and drive to go above and beyond. Shoutout to our Design Specialist, Shaen, our Foreman, Tremaine, and his crew (Gabriel S, Josh, and Giovan) for providing an inspiring experience for Chad and his family! 
Chad and Rachael S. of Menomonie, WI
Tuesday, June 29th
I wanted to pass along my thanks to the crew who worked on my basement.  Their work was outstanding, and I love having a dry basement following all this rain.  The time of installation was during such a difficult time for me and my family, and the workers were so very kind and accommodated my coming and going and worked with such professionalism. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation for a job well done.  Also, Matt the supervisor was exceptionally kind and led his team very well. Thank you! 
Donna B. of Westby, WI
Tuesday, May 28th
Mary S. of Ferryville, WI had waterproofing and foundation wall repair done to her home by our production team. Both jobs took a full day and a half, and Mary was very happy with the results!    She says our Design Specialist, Eric Fox, did amazing and was very thorough while explaining everything in detail! She also says that our office staff was very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable!    "They all were amazing! They were very professional, kept us informed, and performed the best clean up job! The four gentlemen that were here were very hard workers!" 
Mary S. of Ferryville, WI
Friday, January 31st
I was referred to American Waterworks by one of my co-workers, and I am happy to say our foundation repair and waterproofing projects were money well spent! The office staff was nice. The Design Specialist, Dustin, was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. He even made a second visit to ensure our satisfaction. The crew, led by Tremaine, was very efficient, and my wife appreciated their cleanliness. The cleanup was great. Well done! 
Adam S. of La Crosse, WI
Friday, September 6th
I just had my basement wall straightened by American Waterworks and the crew did an excellent job! I would like to thank Rick Weber, my design speicalist, for explaining the process to me. I also want to say what an excellent job the crew did. Thank you Juan, Catarino, Manuel, and Jose! 
Mary F. of Whitehall, WI
Thursday, July 16th
I had a great experience from start to finish. I had four different foundation companies look at the large crack in my foundation. Two said to put epoxy in it and it would be good. The third offered a slightly more involved fix that wouldn't address the root of the problem. American Waterworks was different from the start. First of all, they book a three-hour appointment so they can fully investigate, measure, and explain exactly what is happening and what needs to be done to truly fix the problem. The level of knowledge and experts shown by the Design Specialist, Chuck, was astounding. He even predicted that there would be at least one if not two more cracks in the foundation, as well as their locations and he was right on both counts. I ended up needing 10 helical piers and 7 helical anchors to repair the foundation and stop it from rotating backwards toward the hill and to stabilize and lift the foundation back to its original position. The three-man installation crew was incredible. Jose, the Foreman, Luis, the Co-Foreman, and Jose, the Production Specialist, were extremely hardworking, knowledgeable, and always willing to take time to answer any questions I had about the project. Their level of professionalism, courtesy, and attention to detail put me at ease during such a major undertaking and I always knew my house was in good hands. I can't recommend American Waterworks enough to anyone needing their foundation repaired. 
Jeremy K. of Altoona, WI
Wednesday, October 20th
We had part of our foundation supported on helical piers, as well as helical anchors installed in a large retaining wall below the house. The job required two crews from American Waterworks. They arrived and went to work, and it was clear everyone knew what they needed to do. The two crews were fast and polite, always answering questions I had, and giving me a good idea of what was being done. They clearly had done this work many times before and were experts at installing this type of structural support system. I was impressed by how little impact their work had on the inside of the house. The care taken to protect the structure was clearly a result of a lot of experience with this type of work. They were also done ahead of schedule in just 4 days, working 11 hours a day. The company came highly recommended and I am glad I chose them to handle this job. The process of getting a proper quote for this complex job took some time, but the flexibility to get them to do just what we needed to be done was another sign of their experience with this type of construction. Thanks to Hugo and his crew, our dream house will now sit securely on the hillside it was built on 6 years ago. 
Peter B. of Eau Claire, WI
Friday, May 7th
I never thought there would be a situation to my basement issues! Then I learned about American Waterworks! My crumbling 100 year old walls and horrible crawl space have now been turned to delightful! I was so pleased with the excellent and friendly service I received from every one of the staff members. The work crew couldn't have been any better! I can't say enough good things about the experience I had with American Waterworks! My basement is warmer now, which saves me money on my heating expense! I couldn't have asked for anything more! Thank you, American Waterworks!
Linda R. of Eau Claire, WI
Friday, October 22nd
Rick was awesome at taking in the needs we had for the project and playing out the best and most economical way of making that happen for us. Jeromy, Hugo, and the rest of the installation team did a great job with the install. Everyone showed up on time and the project got done in no time. The "Smart Jack" system we had put in looks very robust and easy to adjust for future raising. I'm sitting in a 130-year-old house with solid, level floors now and I couldn't be happier with the entire process. 
Nick K. of Plainview, MN
Friday, April 9th
 We had just gotten eight inches of snow the day prior to starting the project. Regardless of the working conditions, the crew made the best of it and finished the job in a timely manner. I have never seen such physical work done in my life. They dug, they hauled buckets of dirt and rock. The many times I looked out the window, they were doing the job with smiles on their faces! Keep up the good work! 
Carey G. of Eyota, MN
Tuesday, May 12th
The crew was friendly, explained things well, knew exactly what to do, and worked well together. The crews that have come to our house have always been professional and knew their job well! 
Jeannine P. of Chetek, WI
Wednesday, June 26th
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